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Caribbean Admiral

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Always wanted to be a pirate? Cruise the dangerous oceans and set off for an adventure? Then check out this game! Caribbean Admiral is a fun to play battleship game which requires planned strategy and some good ol' luck on your way to conquest. Collect gold, sell food, destroy enemy ships and upgrade your own army in this exciting game of pirate battles! Enjoy the story and prepare your cannons! But be careful, you never know who is lurking the seas these days...

Controls of the Game

You have to click on a reticle to shoot the enemy ship/s.

You can exit the game by pressing the map button.

You have an option to point and click different locations situated on your map for a fast travel. However, while traveling and selling the goods you can encounter other ships in the sea.

When you pick a location for the first time it will always end in your ship losing the battle and you will have to start from the beginning, like a real pirate. You start with small affordable ships and upgrade them or buy new ones as you level up in game.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Quick shots cost 15 ap.

When you stay out of ap your enemy gets the turn.

You can see your ships stats by the health bar on the left side of your map.

You need to collect warpoints and in-game money to buy new ships and upgrades.

You have an option available at shop to buy more cargo for carrying the food.

Meet goals to collect stars and upgrade your ship's stats.

You can buy and sell merchandise. Use the low price food in one city and sell it for a higher price in the other. You can see a tag GOOD PRICE when something is affordable.

If you free the city from the pirates citizens will usually give you gold in return.

game review

Caribeban Admiral is a super pirate strategy game. I actually played it for hours and there are many players trying to beat each others score! You really have to be careful when encountering enemies and plan ahead your every move! In how many days did you beat the game?