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Raft Wars 2

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Raft Wars 2 consists of a series of races around the world. Each one offers you three different time limits, which earn you one, two or three stars. You must get at least one star to be able to unlock the next race. Performing stunts like flips or wheelies will contribute to your Turbo Bar. Once it's filled, it will automatically activate to give you a burst of speed. Collecting coins and winning races will give you cash you can use to upgrade your vehicle, and completing certain objectives will unlock new cars for purchase. Renegade Racing will probably feel familiar to fans of the Cyclomaniacs series.

Controls of the Game

Use [up] or [W] to accelerate, [down] or [S] to break, [spacebar] or [X] to jump, [left/right] or [A/D] to tilt your car forwards and backwards.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Dont go too fast

Watch for other car

Get as money as you can

Play with friends

game review

Levels get increasingly elaborate, with piles of produce, rings of fire, slippery ice surfaces, and even moving platforms, all of which, combined with the soundtrack and surreal use of colours and environmental design, makes you feel like you should be wearing one of those puffy plastic jackets and a pair of obnoxious huge sunglasses while you play. At the same time, however, the gameplay does wind up feeling both familiar and a little repetitive since you'll need to grind for upgrades to pass some of the stricter time limits. As a result, Raft Wars 2 might not have the staying power to keep everyone enamored for the long haul, but even if it isn't insanely realistic, it is insane in an over-the-top rambunctious way that's worth checking out.